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Lotta is a Cake Designer based in Berlin dedicated to creating specialty cakes for various occasions. With German precision and Swedish taste Lotta transfers visions into extraordinarily unique and delicious treats & cakes.  Lottas Torten brings special attention to events and creates the most wonderful designs that wow everyone.


Curious? Have a look and get inspired or come and join Charlotte for one of her Cake or Chocolate Bark Workshops.



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Special gifting

At Lottas Torten, you'll find unique gifts for chocolate lovers that go beyond the traditional box of sweets. With so many companies making great chocolate, we understand it's hard to choose. Lotta's chocolates are more than a traditional praliné. It's a piece of art, designed to go beyond the tasty treat alone. Each chocolate is handmade, individually designed and carefully packaged. The chocolates come in different shapes & colors and can be individualized for any event. Your lucky gift recipient will not only be talking about their taste but also about their look long after the last bits are eaten.


We would love to hear from you and your thoughts. Feel free to contact us about any of your questions or about the shop by sending an e-mail or using the contact form.


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